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Leading the Media Solutions

Winner of the WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplace Award 3 years in a row

Won by SAYS (now a large part of the REVAsia network) between 2012-2014

Building Your Career

surround yourself with amazing teamates

We take pride in actively building our work culture. Join the REV Asia family, and you’ll be surrounded by friends and peers who will support you in your growth and challenge you to push boundaries.

work hard play hard

We strongly advocate Smoke Signals, like the ones native Americans used back then to alert local tribes. It's a shout out to team members to take part in an event or activity, away from computer screens (unless it's PS4 night!).

Expenses are fully covered and supported by the company! Anyone can send out a Smoke Signal for any activity they desire. As long as more than one person participates, the company will pay for it!

we're always growing

With over 800k 8Share users to support in in Malaysia, and a combined readership of 4.8 million readers every month, there's only one way forward - keep moving, keep growing.

we're always growing

Free Breakfast
Being a young company with the average age of 26, most of us have a pretty bad habit of skipping breakfast. Nobody at REV Asia should go hungry the moment they enter the Penthouse.

Flexible Working Hours
Flexibility empowers us to get things done, wherever we may be. It gives us a greater sense of control and accountability over our work life.

Free beverages to power your day
We have a coffee machine to supply you with freshly grounded coffee throughout the day and an almost never-ending supply of free beer to help you wind down at the end of it.

we're always growing

We dislike cubicles simply because we see them as barriers - you know the whole boxed up feeling.

When we need a quick break to recharge at the office, we start fiery games of ping pong, build wrist muscles over some foosball, trash a colleague in pool or cruise around the office on a penny board.

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out what others are saying about our office space here and here.

Oh, and did we mention that we’re located at Damansara Uptown where we’re surrounded by a number of best eateries that PJ can offer?

More About Us


One of Malaysia's fastest growing news sites and Malaysia's fourth biggest news site, as of September 2015.
Ranked among top English websites accessed from desktop computers in Malaysia; source: The Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), comScore MMX.

#1 BM Mobile Site

Ohbulan tops the local mobile chart, serving Malay socialtainment news to an audience of more than 3.5 million readers a month.
Ranked among top Bahasa Malaysia websites accessed from mobile devices in Malaysia; source: The Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), comScore MMX, Nov 2015.

Pioneer in Content Marketing

Producing over 300 sponsored stories, REV Asia stands as one Malaysia's leading digital media groups, working with top brands like Air Asia, Maxis, Nestle, Axiata and Samsung.

Widespread Distribution Platform

With over 800k 8Share users rapidly spreading in Malaysia, 8Share is one of Southeast Asia's top social rewards networks, distributing content and amplifying the social reach of local and regional advertisers through its community of sharers.

rev asia brand networks

Job Opening


  • Collaborate with members in the team, backend, frontend, PO, scrum master
  • Contribute to the flow of ideas during discussions
  • Prototype new features and designs
  • Find and kill minor bugs! *Splat*!


  • Passion in your work is very important!
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails will be a plus
  • Strong knowledge in web design/development practices; user experience
  • Bonus:
    • Familiar working in github
    • Any experience working with backend frameworks, eg: Ruby, PHP, Laravel
    • Took a course on NEXT Academy
 About the job
  • Curate and create well-researched, must-share stories that would be of high interest to Malaysians
  • Identify social media trends and create content based on those trends, with a local twist
  • Come up with really clickable headlines and brainstorm ideas with other writers
  • Ideate and execute on content growth hacks to increase SAYS readership
The person we're looking for
  • Must have at least 1-2 years of experience writing digital content
  • Passionate about educating the public and updating them on current issues
  • Quick thinker, creative, great story teller, understands local pop culture
  • Passionate about educating the public and updating them on current issues
  • Able to identify the kind of content Malaysians would gravitate towards
  • You should have a background in writing, or you could just be witty and good with words
  • Always overflowing with one-of-a-kind ideas!
  • It would be great if you could edit images or use Photoshop like a bawse
  • You will be tasked with working with our senior developers on our core products namely our content sites that receives millions of pageviews monthly, the CMS that brings our content to life, as well as the social media advertising platform that generates millions in revenue.

We are looking for a junior developer who...

  • Has basic foundation in Ruby on Rails. (i.e. Has attended a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp OR has 6-months to 1 year experience on the framework)
  • Has basic knowledge or experience in working with Wordpress sites.
This role may be a great fit if:
  • You are interested in levelling up in Ruby on Rails and exploring different aspects of programming.

If there are no vacancies above, fear not, just drop us a mail with your CV attached and we will notify you once we have one that suits you best!